Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling paper


  • All agree to read the paper
  • Ken Long to suggest modified introductory material
  • Add paragraph on single cavity module
MC vs Reconstruction plots:
  • In MC plots; need to show MC truth for the subsample of muons that are in each of the red and blue samples
  • Show underlying distributions, e.g.:
    • beam distributions
    • residuals
    • cut variables (pt and p-value)
  • Remove 220 mm aperture cut (should only make cuts that can be made on data)
  • Worthwhile to compare with MICE Note 466, EMR note
  • Should understand the statistical errors; why are they apparently larger for e.g. 200 than for 140
    • Need to add a table or equivalent listing the number of particles that are removed by each cut
  • Make input beam distribution multivariate gaussian in px, py, p_total, rather than px, py, pz

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