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Thursday 10th March 15:00 GMT h1. PC-2016-01-28-optics 

 h2. Phone Details 

 h2. Agenda 

 * Field mapping (Victoria/John Cobb/Jo Langlands) 
 * Theoretical magnet parameters and effect of iron (Jaroslaw/Victoria) 
 * Transfer matrix and magnet alignment (Sophie/Chris Rogers) 
 * Beamline commissioning (Victoria/Jaroslaw) 
 ** Improving rate using pions (Jan/Paolo) 
 * Optics without M1 at SSD (Chris Rogers/Scott Berg/Ao Liu) 
 ** Tracking (Ao/Ryan/Chris Hunt/Chris Rogers) 
 ** Algorithm to calculate the phase space volume (vs RMS emittance) 
 * Bayesian analysis (Rob Ryne) 
 * Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling paper (Jaroslaw/JB Lagrange) 
 * Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling alignment and tolerances (Alan Young) 
 * Date of Next Meeting