Agenda like:

  • Energy loss - Rhys Gardener, Dimitrije Maletic
  • Multiple Scattering (field off) - John Nugent #1789
  • Multiple Scattering (field on) - Celeste Pidcott
  • References list
  • Date of next meeting
    • 28th January
    • 4th February - VC week



Scattering (field off) (John N, Paul S):
  • Want to use the projection in x and y rather than the unsigned dot product.
  • 10 mrad bias seems rather large; waiting for upstream changes from tracker; still having problems with MC reconstruction.
  • Unfolding with the data; don't trust the reconstruction

To find out theta you have to invert two matrices; Barlow said inverting matrices was bad/unstable; better to make an optimisation which minimises the efficiencies

  • Add section on PID and backgrounds
  • Detailed brief to tracker group on what you need them to provide
  • Detailed brief to PID detectors on what you need them to provide

John aim to present status at next week's meeting, so that we can assess what questions to ask tracker group.


Energy loss (Dimtrije):
  • Will prepare something for next week.

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