It looks like the video conference has been moved to this week, so I would like to organise an out-of-sequence analysis meeting on Tuesday, covering issues arising in the last couple of weeks:

14:00 GMT, Tuesday 8th December, in the POD.

I realise that this clashes with MIPO, sorry about that. For MIPO folks, if there is anything you want to deal with please let me know. Phone line:


  • Results from TOF0 alignment runs (Francois)
  • Results from FC alignment runs (Sophie, Chris Rogers)
  • Physics devil during weekend run (Scott Wilbur)
  • Plan for scattering run (John Nugent)
  • Plan for fall back FC alignment run in solenoid mode (Sophie, Chris Rogers)
  • Tracker reconstruction and resolution (Victoria Blackmore, Chris Hunt, et al) #1782
  • Optics review paperwork (Chris Rogers et al)
  • AOB

Let me know if there is anything else which we need to deal with this week. We should be finished by the 15:30 operations meeting.


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