Can we try for another material physics "weekly" Friday 23rd at 15:00.
Let's try for the phone conference line defined in

Agenda like:

  • Energy loss - Rhys Gardener, Dimitrije Maletic
  • Multiple Scattering (field off) - John Nugent #1789
  • Multiple Scattering (field on) - Celeste Pidcott
  • References list



Chris Rogers
Rhys Gardener
John Nugent

Rhys Gardener

  • Sorting out onmon
  • Going through mountain of reference leads
  • Will continue to update the document list
  • Measurements where they measured the gap between bubbles in the bubble chamber

John Nugent

  • Misalignment analysis is not complete - suspect asymmetry from misalignment analysis (or maybe tracker misreconstruction)
  • Should be running the MC with not misaligned detectors in the first instance
  • Systematics
    • Not sensitive to PID?
  • Looking at fiducial volume of the absorber
    • Looks like radial cut does not muck the statistics
    • No consideration of thickness dependence on radius
  • Looking at momentum dependence
    • > 10 % change in Gaussian RMS
  • Note the error analysis in MuScat
    • Say 1.9 radiation lengths upper edge bin 0.008 +/- 0.003 rad^{-1}
    • Gives p(particle) = 0.008*(0.1151-0.0938) = 0.0001704
    • Purely statistical basis need 50,000 muons in the sample
    • Where does the factor 20 come from?
  • What is the change in number of particles per bin per momentum (consider using PDG formula rather than full MC)
  • What is the change in number of particles per bin per absorber thickness (consider using PDG formula rather than full MC)
    • Note that absorber thickness is a function of radius (and track angle)
  • Redo plots showing probability per radian using MuScat binning
  • Redo plots showing number of events using muscat binning
  • Do data rate analysis with pion beam
  • Slides followed up by a note

DONM: 15:00 on Wednesday

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