There will be an analysis/diagnostics meeting Thursday 22nd October, 14:00.

We will be in one of the usual meeting rooms in the Atlas building, using phone:

  • Tracker-to-tracker alignment - Melissa/Chris Hunt/John Nugent
    • Tracker Survey
    • Technical note by 23/10/15
  • Tracker alignment to field - Chris Rogers/Sophie
    • Technical note by 23/10/15
  • Cut-based beam selection vs 2015/01 data - Tanaz/Scott Wilbur
  • Ckov momentum scan - Ao, Durga
  • Full PID vs 2015/01 data - Celeste
  • PID detector alignment - Francois global_det_alignment_151112.pdf
  • Detector Efficiencies - Jan/Francois
  • Paper: High precision measurement of emittance - Chris Hunt/Victoria


Tanaz Mohayai
John Nugent
Durga Rajaram
Celeste Pidcott
Francois Drielsma
Chris Rogers
Paul Soler
Scott Wilbur
Ryan Bayes


Internal alignment
  • Internal alignment for upstream and downstream tracker - resolved residuals in downstream tracker
    • Looks like numbers are consistent with 0
Cut based beam selection
  • Looking back into the June data to understand TOF discrepancies
  • Note that there used to be a rate dependent tof which we never understood
  • Plan to plot TOF vs run number
  • Durga notes that he has a new calibration which appears to produce better results (narrower electron peak) - see uploaded png files
Global PID
  • Analysing run 7417 - muon beam from weekend around end of September
  • Focussing on straight tracks still
Global detector alignment
  • Still need for Q789 off for TOF0 alignment
  • Check against MC
  • Ryan notes flip in y in MC
  • Most of the effort is on the sign flip
  • Kalman fit up to snap/pz reconstruction

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