There will be an analysis/diagnostics meeting Thursday 22nd October, 14:00.

We will be in one of the usual meeting rooms in the Atlas building,
using phone:

  • Tracker-to-tracker alignment - Melissa/Chris Hunt/John Nugent
    • Tracker Survey
    • Technical note by 23/10/15
  • Tracker alignment to field - Chris Rogers/Sophie
    • Technical note by 23/10/15
  • Cut-based beam selection vs 2015/01 data - Tanaz/Scott Wilbur
  • Ckov momentum scan - Ao, Durga
  • Full PID vs 2015/01 data - Celeste
  • PID detector alignment - Francois pid_det_alignment_151022.pdf
  • Detector Efficiencies - Jan/Francois
  • Paper: High precision measurement of emittance - Chris Hunt/Victoria


Scott Wilbur
John Nugent
Tanaz Mohayai
Francois Drielsma
Durga Rajaram
Chris Heidt
Chris Rogers

John Nugent
  • Found a bug in hand-off of tracks to millipede code; space points were handed off in the global coordinate system, should have been local coordinate system
Tanaz Mohayai
  • Oct 7 muon runs are low statistics; few events between muon peak and electron peak but statistics are too low
  • See bridge particles consistently in muon runs but not in pion runs
Celeste Pidcott
  • Running PID on June data
  • See slides

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