Can we do another analysis/diagnostics meeting today, 14:00. I added Ao
into the mix for the Cerenkov data we have taken in the last couple of
weeks. Norman, I can let you in if you need me to (I am back at RAL).

We will be in one of the usual meeting rooms in the Atlas building,
using phone:

I will post agenda, slides to:

  • Tracker-to-tracker alignment - Melissa/Chris Hunt/John Nugent
    • Straight tracks data this weekend
  • Tracker alignment to field - Chris Rogers/Sophie
  • Cut-based beam selection vs 2015/01 data - Tanaz/Scott Wilbur
  • Ckov momentum scan - Ao Liu, Durga Rajaram
  • Full PID vs 2015/01 data - Celeste
  • PID detector alignment - Francois



Norman McCubbin
Tanaz Mohayai
Durga Rajaram
Francois Drielsma
Sophie Middleton
John Nugent
Chris Rogers
Celeste Pidcott

Tracker-to-tracker alignment
Chris Hunt
  • Looking at different runs; looking at data taken on Monday 28th September; can we measure remnant fields?
  • Trying to get final set of numbers; ROOT is segfaulting for no reason, so no official new results
  • Very few issues with the data
  • 200 MeV/c straight muon run, 300 MeV/c straight muon run, diffuser in straight muon run; no diffuser studies on Monday 28th
John Nugent
  • Pulled low emittance high momentum run from 28th September, attempting to process it with millipede
  • Durga will email John URL of the reconstructed data set
  • Pushing through millipede, will get numbers
Tracker to field
  • No update
PID selection
Tanaz Mohayai
  • Two interesting features from the TOF plots and TOF vs momentum plots - "bridge particles" between electron and muon peak
  • Working through the electron plot
  • But working shifts and COOL2015
  • Suggest looking at data from last night
  • Very high p particles...
  • Never got to sufficient momentum that pions turn on the ckov
  • Select electrons muons pions using TOF, looked at PE yield, below threshold it is consistent with noise 270 MeV/c turn-on in pions
    • Hole in the 200 MeV/c momentum range
  • Not seen muon plot
  • Is it consistent with historical data?
  • What's the turn-on for muons
  • Ckov data last night; needs analysis; did not go to the high momentum region
Global recon
  • Still waiting on track matching
PID detector alignment
  • Q789 off data

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