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Rogers, Chris, 05 October 2015 13:03

M1 Options

14.00 UK time, POD or

0. Finish outstanding optics studies + optimisation routines (Rogers)
1. Investigate optics settings for "Hold SSU at 4T, degrade only SSD" etc (Rogers)
1a. Investigate optics settings for "Use E1 as a match coil" (Rogers)
1b. Investigate optics settings for "FocusCoil_US is not the same as FocusCoil_DS" (Rogers)
1c. How bad are non-linearities/emittance growth if we are just TRP to TRP, do we really need beta = const in tracker region? (Rogers)
2. Send Ryan some currents and beams settings to look at MC of "asymmetric" setting (Rogers)
3. Run MC (Bayes/Liu)
4. Look at tracker resolution vs Bz (Bayes/Liu)
5. Look at Demo options (Pasternak/Lagrange)
7. 140 MeV/c option (Blackmore)

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