Can we do an update on the alignment/etc analysis tomorrow, Thursday, in the
regular 14:00 slot? In the POD if possible, last time we got turfed out
and ended up in CR10 (round the corner).

I will be dialling in on skype from US. Let's see how that goes.

I added John Nugent to the straight tracks list; he has been looking at millipede code.

  • Tracker-to-tracker alignment - Melissa/Chris Hunt/John Nugent
    • Straight tracks data this weekend
  • Tracker alignment to field - Chris Rogers/Sophie
    • Curved tracks data last weekend
  • Cut-based beam selection vs 2015/01 data - Tanaz/Scott Wilbur
  • Full PID vs 2015/01 data - Celeste
  • PID detector alignment - Francois



Francois Drielsma
Durga Rajaram
Scott Wilbur
John Nugent
Norman McCubbin

John Nugent

Initially looking at multiple scattering measurement
General status...
- straight track in downstream tracker
- first perform an alignment
- use 3rd party software called millipede, get track parameters fill them into a matrix,
-- do some sort of global LLS, written at DESY,
-- been used in other packages e.g. current one was used for LHCb, but ATLAS also has used it
-- issue was porting track information into a format millipede can understand
-- "clever inversion tool", less than a minute to do the inversion
- code authored by PhD student, John Nugent has adapted it to our needs
- looking at MC studies
- looking at data that is already available
In the last week...
- been on shift

Chris Rogers

See slides

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