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Rogers, Chris, 04 September 2015 17:23


Chris Rogers
John Nugent
Dimitrije Maletic

Separately, due to problems with phone connection:
Celeste Pidcott

John Nugent
Continuing with the alignment study
Millipede algorithm working
Tying down specific issues with output/input;
  • how do we define specific issues with the output;
  • compare internal tracker alignment with internal survey information
  • meeting next week with developer
  • No update
  • Switched analysis to MAUS v1.0.0
  • Pulled down geometries
  • Found out reducers don't work with the new API unless you include the correct file from the API
  • Turning analysis into "probability per angle"; looking at errors bin-by-bin
    • MC 1.2 % error in central bin
    • MC 100 % error in tail bins
    • Data 4 % error for lh2 increasing towards tails
    • Need to consider how to turn an error in measured angle plus number of events into an error in number of particles per bin
    • MuScat quote 1e6-2e6 muons per material

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