14:00 BST Friday 28th August

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Ken Long
JB Lagrange
Chris Rogers

Paper Status
  • 140 MeV/c case; JB has done some MC-based study, improved cooling performance from 7.5 % to 8.5 %
    • Value of beta functions is published
    • Rogers: No study publicly done of emittance growth vs e.g. phase advance, coil currents, beta functions
    • Rogers: Phase-advance-driven optimisation approach has not been justified
  • Paper is almost finalised
    • JB draft note
  • Longitudinal optics study is needed; what is the effect of running on crest? What is the effect of momentum spread?
  • Optics issues
    • Value of coils and beta function looks like it drives non-linearity at 140
    • Phase advance maybe drives non-linearity at 200 and 240? Or maybe it is a second order issue
  • JB agrees to distribute draft note
  • Awaits Jaroslaw return from vacation to continue as JB has no linear optics code that can handle this stuff
Alignment and tolerances
  • See notes
  • Ken Long comments: if the tolerances look crazy, we should revisit some of the criteria; Rogers agrees
Vacuum window
  • Ken Long comments: we should treat this as a part of the early design/decision process, not as a "done deal"

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