Can we do another "Material Physics" weekly at 3 pm on Friday 28th August. In the PDO or on the phone:

Phone: 08444 737373
PIN: 746868

  • MCS with field - Celeste
  • MCS without field - John N
  • Energy loss - Dimitrije
  • Energy loss - Rhys
  • Notes on propagating errors through fields, #1600 - Rogers


Rhys Gardener
John Nugent


John Nugent
  • On holiday for a week
  • Have working first pass alignment with millipede
  • Now looking at residuals plots
  • Considering which variables should be allowed to change e.g. rotations or translations?
  • Returns alignment of each individual station; not sure if we can force a correlation on the stations
  • Still don't know if it is possible to put a field map in to millipede
Rhys Gardener
  • Awaiting VB/TOF reconstruction
  • Awaiting EMR reconstruction from
  • Trying to understand which MC truth tracks are badly reconstructed
  • Why are some tracks badly reconstructed in the tracker?
    • Have a look at x, y, px, py, pz correlations against reconstruction error
    • Look upstream and downstream

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