Celeste Pidcott
Chris Rogers

  • Have understood material in geometry
  • Understood how much scattering is expected by running simulation; with fields on; starting at the trackers; using default solenoid fields Stage4.dat; believed that is what Tim Carlisle used; plan to redo with a better geometry; for empty case,
  • Residuals for no stochastic processes, extrapolating MC truth compared with actual MC truth, gives exactly 0 residual;
  • Residuasls for reconstructed MC at TRP with MC truth at TRP; residuals mean 0 except TKD <pz>=1.6 MeV/c 6 pi beam s(pt), s(pz) ~ 4-5 MeV/c RMS
  • Residuals for propagated reconstructed MC at absorber with MC truth at absorber; physics processes switched on;
  • Rogers - to make a note explaining error propagation in fields;
  • Celeste - how does 2 % x' error compare to MuScat; note expected error from straight tracks is likely to be about 1 %, but they don't get the tails or correlation with energy loss...

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