Can we do an update on the alignment/etc analysis at 14:00 on Thursday 13th August, in the POD or on:



Scott Wilbur
Tanaz Mohayai
Pavel Snopok
Celeste Pidcott
Victoria Blackmore
Paul Kyberd
Chris Rogers
Chris Hunt

  • Tracker is keyed so that it cannot rotate to sub-mrad precision
  • Upstream tracker vs TOF1 is too small when we insist on TKD hits; ACTION to remove TKD hits from that analysis
  • Blackmore notes:
    • GetSlabX() returns a horizontal slab i.e. vertical coordinate
    • GetSlabY() returns a vertical slab i.e. horizontal coordinate
    • Durga says this is consistent across all the TOFs
    • Looking down the beamline, vertical slabs are labelled left to right 0 to N; corresponds to 0 is most negative X
    • horizontal slabs are labelled bottom to top 0 to N; corresponds to 0 is lowest Y
  • Celeste has conversion code; Blackmore has conversion code; pic in #1730; should be a function in TOFSpacePoint
  • Downstream tracker vs TOF2 funny correlations between TOF2; there is 120 degree rotation and sign flip in x and y; looks like two planes have been swapped?
    • Presumably change the MC?? Chris Hunt will try swapping planes around
    • RMS residuals are now on the order 30 - 40 mm; alignment calculations are in there also
  • Plan to patch MAUS
  • Rogers - see slides
    • Check archiver for magnet currents (sliced by time)
    • Be careful to define Ɵx, Ɵy Rogers to define convention
  • Mohayai - see slides
  • Looks like PID variables are not in the data structure
    • Chase Francois to make sure that the PID variables are in the data structure
  • Wilbur - see slides
  • Note mismatch between TOF01 and TOF12? These are correlated...

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