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  • ACTION (Pasternak/Rogers): determine magnetic settings routine - do we imagine "equivalent coil"? Implement iron in MAUS? Run everything through OPERA?
  • ACTION (Rogers): Tolerances - controls people ask what are the tolerances on magnet current
  • ACTION (Rogers): EMR is misaligned by 10 cm; what is the implication for cooling channel acceptance

RLSR/MPB Actions

  • ACTION Rogers: Report, in a MICE note to the collaboration, the definitions and methods used for the determination of the betatron functions and emittances.
  • ACTION Rogers: Carry out an independent review of the beam dynamics analysis


  • Actions
  • Issues Arising
    • 2015/02 planning
  • Physics shifts - volunteers needed!
  • Field Mapping (Victoria Blackmore)
  • Step IV Technical Paper
    • MICE Muon Beamline (Jaroslaw Pasternak)
      • #1730, initial analysis of TOF0 intensity study, runs 6715--6729 (V. Blackmore)
    • Detectors (Melissa Uchida)
      • Alignment Measurement
      • Efficiency
      • Residuals
    • Particle ID (Celeste Pidcott)
    • Measurement of magnetic alignment (Chris Rogers)
    • Quality of transported beam (Chris Hunt)
  • Step IV First Demonstration of Cooling (Chris Rogers)
  • Step I Papers (Victoria Blackmore)
    • EMR paper
    • Pion contamination
  • MICE Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling (Jaroslaw Pasternak)
  • Magnetics
    • Non-linear beam optics/measurement(Rob Ryne)
  • Absorber and material physics
    • Scattering measurement (Celeste/John N)
    • Energy loss measurement (Rhys/Dimtrije)
    • Beam (de)polarisation
  • Support
    • Batch Production (Ryan Bayes)
    • X-BOA (Chris Rogers)
    • Online Analysis Tool (Chris Rogers)
    • Trigger analysis (Chris Rogers)
  • Date of next meeting
    • July 23rd
    • July 30th
    • August 6th is a Video Conference week
    • August 13th


Scott Wilbur
Tanaz Mohayai
Pavel Snopok
Celeste Pidcott
Victoria Blackmore
Paul Kyberd
Chris Rogers
Chris Hunt
Ryan Bayes
Jan Greis

Tolerances (Rogers)
  • Blackmore asks; how much does beta change over the length of the absorber?
  • Rogers notes; additional constraint should be quality of matching from tracker to EMR
Beamline (Blackmore)
  • Present u/s beamline looks optimal
  • Distribution is fixed, can only make the rate worse
Detector alignment (Hunt)
  • Looks like the tracker planes are in the wrong order at some point in the reconstruction chain; Hunt has fixed
  • Corrected alignment numbers are out in the issue tracker #1696
Magnet alignment (Rogers)
  • Another round of analysis has been performed
  • Still wip
PID (Pidcott)
  • Looking at PID on 7157; track matching is failing
  • Jan: Possibly needs scattering and dEdx? Possibly a "using legacy geometry" issue?
  • Blackmore: Possibly worry about particles clipping edge of diffuser
Physics Devil (Wilbur)
  • Couple of modifications to physics devil; added time stamps, separate html page for each run, detector efficiencies; uploaded in the next couple of days
Rate Analysis (Hunt)
  • First pass analysis done
  • Need to remove cuts based on downstream detectors; we are only interested in upstream detectors

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