Melissa Uchida
Chris Hunt
Celeste Pidcott
Chris Rogers
Apologies: Tanaz Mohayai


  • Tracker personal code, available at: lp:~christopher-hunt08/maus/maus_scifi_recon_devel
  • More at the analysis meeting

PID, Celeste Pidcott

Job list:
  • Global position of hits in the detectors
    • KL now returns hits in global geometry;
    • EMR now returns hits in nearly global geometry bar z position;
    • Tracker now returns hits in global geometry position
    • Celeste will fix TOF and EMR
  • Get correct goemetries from Ryan
  • Produce MC for PDFs
  • Run PID

Tracker alignment to field, Chris Rogers

  • Aim to figure out where the magnets are
    • Align tracker to the solenoid in which it sits
    • Beam based alignment of external fields to trackers
  • Look at Pattern Recognition pulls of particle tracks
    • Look okay with no energy loss, multiple coulomb scattering
    • Look not so good with full tracker - Rogers to check for bugs in his scripts

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