Analysis phone call, 15:00 BST, Thursday 28th May 2015

Phone Details


  • ACTION (Pasternak/Rogers): determine magnetic settings routine - do we imagine "equivalent coil"? Implement iron in MAUS? Run everything through OPERA?
  • ACTION (Rogers): Tolerances - controls people ask what are the tolerances on magnet current

RLSR/MPB Actions

  • ACTION Rogers: Review the requirements for accurate end-to-end simulation
  • ACTION Rogers: Report, in a MICE note to the collaboration, the definitions and methods used for the determination of the betatron functions and emittances.
  • ACTION Rogers: Carry out an independent review of the beam dynamics analysis
    • Optics review - cover the entire analysis
  • ACTION Rogers: Define strategies to provide online feedback, quickly


  • Actions
  • Issues Arising
  • Physics shifts - volunteers needed!
  • Field Mapping (Victoria Blackmore)
  • Step IV Technical Paper
    • MICE Muon Beamline (Jaroslaw Pasternak)
    • Detectors (Melissa Uchida)
      • Alignment Measurement
      • Efficiency
      • Residuals
    • Particle ID (Celeste Pidcott)
    • Measurement of magnetic alignment (Chris Rogers)
    • Quality of transported beam (Chris Hunt)
  • Step IV First Demonstration of Cooling (Chris Rogers)
  • Step I Papers (Victoria Blackmore)
    • EMR paper
    • Pion contamination
  • MICE Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling (Jaroslaw Pasternak)
    • Lattice close out by CM41; paper first revision soon afterwards
  • Magnetics
    • Non-linear beam optics/measurement(Rob Ryne)
  • Absorber and material physics
    • Scattering measurement
    • Energy loss measurement
    • Beam (de)polarisation
  • Support
    • Batch Production (Ryan Bayes)
    • X-BOA (Chris Rogers)
    • Online Analysis Tool (Chris Rogers)
    • Trigger analysis (Chris Rogers)
  • Date of next meeting
    • May 28th
    • (June 4th, VC)
    • June 11th
    • June 18th
    • (CM 42: June 22-24) - we may want to have an analysis workshop around the CM


scott berg
ryan bayes
tanaz mohayai
paul soler
john cobb
jaroslaw pasternak

Have optics settings but need scaling factors to get to currents
  • Need to revise geometry for alignments, PRY effects, cool down and current limits
  • Note discrepancies between solenoid and flip mode on e.g CC
  • Need to check for uniformity in SS
    • Require setting that gives best uniformity and closest to 4 T within current limits
  • Need to track
  • Coil geometry should be referenced

EMR Paper awaiting comments
Pion contamination paper new data

Demo - awaiting optimisation from JB, paper getting in shape, circulate at next VC
  • John Cobb requests we consider Lithium not LiH for secondary absorbers
  • While we are at it Rogers throws in Be
  • John Cobb "figure of merit" H 1 Li 0.26 Be 0.17 C 0.09
Batch production
  • 3 pi 140
  • 3 pi 200 tracking through g4bl
  • Modules surveyed into the hall, Jason has the data
  • Surveyors will write up survey note; Ryan will pull survey data into MC in collusion with Victoria

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