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h1. Phone Call 2015-05-14 

 Analysis phone call, 15:00 BST, Thursday 14th May 2015, RAL Conference Room CR10. 

 h2. Phone Details 

 h2. Actions 

 * ACTION    *(Pasternak/Rogers)*: determine magnetic settings routine - do we imagine "equivalent coil"? Implement iron in MAUS(!)? Run everything through OPERA? 
 * ACTION *(Rogers)*: Tolerances - controls people ask what are the tolerances on magnet current 

 h2. RLSR/MPB Actions 

 * ACTION *Rogers*: Review the requirements for accurate end-to-end simulation 
 * ACTION *Rogers*: Report, in a MICE note to the collaboration, the definitions and methods used for the determination of the betatron functions and emittances. 
 * ACTION *Rogers*: Carry out an independent review of the beam dynamics analysis 
 * ACTION *Rogers*: Define strategies to provide online feedback, quickly 

 h2. Actions following Run planning meeting 

 * ACTION *(Nugent)*: Estimate data rate with cooling channel magnets off 
 ** Still waiting on good April data - this weekend? 

 h2. Agenda 

 * Actions 
 * Issues Arising 
 * [[Physics shifts]] - volunteers needed! 
 * Field Mapping (*Victoria Blackmore*) 
 ** attachment:tracking_measured_misalignments.pdf - Chris Rogers 
 * Step IV Technical Paper 
 ** MICE Muon Beamline (*Jaroslaw Pasternak*) 
 ** Detectors (*Melissa Uchida*) 
 *** Alignment Measurement 
 *** Efficiency 
 *** Residuals 
 ** Particle ID (*Celeste Pidcott*) 
 ** Measurement of magnetic alignment (*Chris Rogers*) 
 ** Quality of transported beam (*Chris Hunt*) 
 * Step IV First Demonstration of Cooling (*Chris Rogers*) 
 * Step I Papers (*Victoria Blackmore*) 
 ** EMR paper 
 ** Pion contamination 
 * MICE Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling (*Jaroslaw Pasternak*) 
 ** Lattice close out by CM41; paper first revision soon afterwards 
 * Magnetics 
 ** Non-linear beam optics/measurement(*Rob Ryne*) 
 * Absorber and material physics 
 ** Scattering measurement 
 ** Energy loss measurement 
 ** Beam (de)polarisation attachment:analysismeeting300415.pdf 
 * Support 
 ** Batch Production (*Ryan Bayes*) 
 ** X-BOA (*Chris Rogers*) 
 ** Online Analysis Tool (*Chris Rogers*) 
 ** Trigger analysis (*Chris Rogers*) 
 * Date of next meeting 
 ** April 30th 
 ** (May 6th, VC) 
 ** May 14th 
 ** May 21st - clash with MAP workshop 
 ** May 28th 
 ** June 4th 
 ** June 11th 
 ** (CM 42: June 22-24) - we may want to have an analysis workshop around the CM 

 h2. Notes 

 rob ryne 
 holge witte 
 jaroslaw pasternak 
 john nugent 
 adam dobbs 

 Solenoid fields off triggers at TOF1 44000 TOF2 1000  
 Solenoid fields on triggers at TOF1 53000 TOF2 43000 
 => 3 % rate scaling; but run with TOF2 trigger; so limit comes from ISIS/target 
 120 triggers per spill with the Decay Solenoid at TOF1, not including tracker deadtime 
 Jaroslaw notes attempt to optimise was not successful 

 Physics shifter 
 * Seek to get the physics devil automated 

 * Validated calibration 
 * Checked some old settings 
 * Made two additional settings to match to diffuser 
 * Made two additional settings to optimise for "straight tracks" 
 * Seeking to validate MC 

 EMR Papers 
 * Review next week (Tuesday) 

 Pion contamination 
 * See slides 
 * Feldman-Cousins? 
 ** Frequentist method based on likelihood ratio; can deal in an automatic way with statistical results that fall outside of physically allowed; determines upper limit or two sided;  
 ** Paul Soler suggests alternatively use Bayesian method (e.g. Higgs papers) 

 * Final coil positions by MAP meeting 
 * Use IPAC paper as starting point for PR-ST AB paper 

 Error Fields 
 * Slide 4: cusps come from the mesh 
 * Slide 4: symmetry point is at -2.75; tracker is at around -4.75 to -5.75 
 * Few * 10^-4 T in the tracker azimuthal 
 * Slide 9: units are T at 0.15 m 
 Solenoid fields in 2 weeks time 

 Non-linear beam optics 
 * Looking at the 6x6 problem...