High precision measurement of emittance

Email from rogers:

MICE made first measurements in 4 T field during data taking on 7th October. Victoria is composing a MICE note is to demonstrate that the MICE detector systems are capable of making emittance measurements with the simulated precision. It is hoped to turn this into a publication on a timescale of the March collaboration meeting.

  • The aim is to get a zeroth draft by Thursday 4th February i.e. two weeks time. It is okay not to have all of the plots done by that point, but I would like to have a preliminary list of tasks/plots that should go in the MICE note for discussion.
  • We would like to have a paper writing workshop on Thursday 11th February to discuss the contents.
  • The aim is to have a completed MICE note by Thursday March 10th in order that Victoria can do a round of editing prior to the collaboration meeting at the end of March.
To this end, it is necessary to:
  • Demonstrate that the position and momentum reconstruction can be performed with the necessary resolution, including systematic errors due to field non-uniformity.
  • Demonstrate that the performance of the PID detectors is sufficient to perform particle identification.
  • Demonstrate that beam impurities can be rejected leaving a beam with small impurity. This is envisaged to be performed in the first instance using "dead reckoning"/"dumb cuts"; and in the second instance using tracks matched between the detector systems.
  • Demonstrate consistency with MC.
  • Demonstrate the calculation of emittance with a sample of particles.

The focus of the paper is on data in run 7469. Data in runs taken later on in the evening should also be considered (along with any necessary straight track runs etc).

Victoria has composed an outline MICE note, together with a list of contributors, which is attached.

Please let me know if this presents a problem. We look forward to your contributions.

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