Field map of SSU for 7th October run

Field maps are


By email, from Holger

Dear all,

I have generated two field maps and uploaded them to my Google Drive
folder. Each file is about 27MB compressed; the links are:

One field map uses the official warm dimensions of the tracker, whereas
the other one uses the cold dimensions. The cold dimensions are from a
simulation I run some time ago, which makes certain assumptions about
the material properties. It will be interesting to see which one gives
you better results.

Each archive also contains a text file with the exact geometry in the
model; this is for reference only, just in case I made a mistake
somewhere (which I seem to make often recently, thanks to sleep

I am using a 5x5x10mm^3 grid (Cartesian coordinates); the model uses a
4-fold symmetry, I therefore only include values for the positive x and
y axis. A picture of the geometry is included in each tar ball.

I hope this helps - let me know if you have any questions or if you need
anything else.

Best wishes,


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