Beyond data taking

  • MICE data taking is very nearly complete
  • Seek to expedite analysis
  • Standard approach to analysis:
    1. Sample selection should be something similar to this
      • As analysis develops, we should become more prescriptive in how the sample selection is done
        • i.e. once we have decided on the appropriate cut, all analyses should use the same ones as far as possible
      • Standardised through MAUS cuts structure (in next MAUS release +1)
    2. Do some calculation e.g. phase space density etc
    3. Statistical uncertainties
      • "Subsample" method e.g. divide data into subsamples of n events; look at uncertainty associated with each subsample
    4. Systematic uncertainties
      • Sample selection systematic uncertainty
      • "Model" uncertainty e.g. magnet alignments and
      • "Reconstruction" uncertainty e.g. detector reconstruction
        • Can be corrected; use MC to drive uncertainty on corrections
  • Analysis workshops
    • January 18th at RAL; select papers to take through to writing workshop prior to CM50
      • Everyone doing analysis should attend
    • CM50 - writing workshop in week leading up to CM50; then "conference level" talks at CM50
    • April 12th (TBC) at Glasgow; select analyses to take to IPAC
    • Mid-May

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