John Nugent gave an update on the analysis. He has passed the analysis updates to Paul for inclusion in the paper. Will get an update when he is back from vacation.

John N informed us that 87 % of events are TOF12 momentum. This is because of the fiducial volume cut. That TOF12 and TOF01 momenta are corrected to agree by a correction constant. John showed that the resolution TOF12 is a bit better but the bin width made it hard to see. ACTION: Ken asked to reproduce the plots with more stats and smaller bin width.

John Cobb highlighted the difficulty to understand the difference between selection and momentum reconstruction. There was a discussion:
  • It is difficult to understand why the binning is done on TOF01 but then reconstructed momentum (using both TOF01 and TOF12) is used for the plots
  • The wording makes this more complicated.
    We agreed to try to work on the wording and review at the next meeting.

Finally, John Nugent reminded us that the fiducial cut takes out many of the events owing to the wide distribution in projected position at TKD. This is simply because the beam is rather wide at TKU (before any transmission is considered).

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