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2021-04-23 scattering

Scattering analysis update.

Friday 23rd April 14:00 to 17:00. We will use the regular mice zoom details:

[[computing-software:MICE_zoom_info|MICE Zoom Connection]] (login required)


  • Update on the analysis (John N)
  • Latest version of the paper (Paul)


John Nugent
Mariyan Bogomilov
John Cobb
Chris Rogers
Paul Soler

John Nugent chasing all of the actions. Made as much progress as possible in context of non-MICE work.

Actions concerning details of the note wording have been done but will not discuss.

Forwards convolution systematic: Model scattering using a Gaussian with RMS sigma (98 ) and a Gaussian having RMS 2 sigma (2 %). Cut tails off empty distribution at 40 mrad. Error of about 1 in the tail bins of the forwards convolution. We are not sensitive to this systematic.

RMS width of beam/etc: John has added a table showing the RMS size of the beam. Noted a typo in 172/DS x’ vs y’. Action add a sentence to the paper saying beam width was about 30 mm RMS in x and y and 9 mrad in x’ and y’. (no need to include the full table).

Offset upstream to downstream: Yes the distribution is offset both upstream and downstream with approx same mean. The analysis is self-consistent!

Add empty channel data and MC: The plots have been added to the note.

Add impact parameter plot vs z: Analysis in progress. Action Stands.

Plot MC truth momentum distribution: John showed full vs empty true MC distributions.

Discussion of deconvolution/asymmetry: John reminded us of the toy MC deconvolution. Toy deconvolution responds in a symmetric way to a symmetric input distribution. Slight underfilling of tails in the toy MC. Overall looks pretty good.

Residual width: John added to one of the tables a column showing recon-truth momentum residual sigma (it already had RMS recon momentum). ACTION John C asked could you please add in the RMS truth distribution.

Momentum correction for different beams: John showed the calculated reconstruction fit curve compared to the momentum lost curve. There was some discussion of how the reconstruction works. ACTION Rogers to check the red points using the toy MC.

Deconvolution systematic: John showed a table of errors bin - by - bin.

Table of raw data compared to raw MC with only stats errors: new tables have been put into the note. ACTION Chi2 calculation stands

Consider looking at 3D space angle: this has not been maintained. It is not working any more. Chris asks that we drop the action. John Cobb agrees except would be nice to see the raw data. ACTION just do the raw data

Correlated chi2: John described his procedure. Still debugging.

Paper Status: Paul mentioned that he will work on the paper once the analysis is finalised.

Date of Next Meeting: May 28th 14:00 BST

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