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h1. Information repository; July 2019 

 Collection of information to support outreach activities run in parallel to publication of first observation of ionization cooling 

 * "Strategy update: dream machine": 
 * "Muons cooled for action": 
 * Article in "In.Brief"  
 ** "pdf": 
 ** "html requires stfc intranet login": 

 *Publications and figures:* 
 * "MICE collaboration papers, preliminary results, conference presentations, etc.": 

 *Photo repository:* 
 * "MICE photo repository": 
 ** Many of the images were taken by the RAL Media Services group.    Originals can be obtained from the WWW or from Media Services direct. 

 *Link to main MICE WWW pages:* 
 * "MICE WWW site top page": 

 *Example article in "The Conversation":* 
 * The article written by P.Kyberd in "The Conversation": is an example of something we should try for to go along with the MICE results. 

 *Briefing material for J. Gilmore et al.:* 
 * "Initial brief": and some (potentially) useful figures: "muon production":, "heating":, and "deceleration": 

 *Quotes on MICE and the MICE results* 
 Quotes and contact details