System Paper Update Meeting: 18th September 2018 - 3pm

Phone details: (new access code)

UK Freephone: 08006948053
Caller PIN: 6783834683

Agenda (10 minutes each)

  • Viktor: TOF
  • Melissa/Chris H.: Tracker
  • Francois: EMR
  • Francois: Detector alignment
  • Scott: Energy loss
  • Scott: PID
  • Ajit, Craig: Absorber model
  • Tom: Target model
  • Joe: Field model
  • AOB

Other details


Main author(s) Contribution Text Plots Material Notes
Viktor, Scott TOF First version First version merged from
Paolo Ckov Introduction no
Domizia, Ludovico, Mariyan KL yes yes merged first draft ready
Francois EMR Two sections merged from
Melissa, Chris H. Tracker Introduction some merged from agreed on 5 pages
Scott, Melissa PID
Chris Rogers Track matching First version First version merged from
Francois Detector alignment First version yes merged from
Ajit, Scott, Craig Absorber model Introduction -
Tom, Paolo Target model MICE note in progress
Chris Hunt, Joe Magnets separate paper?
Melissa Diffuser study separate paper


  • On the phone: Chris H, Craig, Scott, Tom, Viktor
  • At RAL: Paolo, Chris R
  • Apologies: Melissa, Francois


  • TOF:
    • Viktor to finish some editing of the text
    • Concern about the length of the calibration section: if it's too long could be a MICE note, we will think about this at the review stage
    • Paolo can help to run the calibration on several runs to check the stability of the constants
    • Maurizio to check the precision of the TDC boards
  • Tracker:
    • Melissa to provide few more text
    • The noise study (now on Tom) can be included in a second moment
    • Paolo to ask Paul K. about the tracker efficiency evolution
  • PID:
    • Scott to propose a first draft that is going to be update this week
  • Energy loss and Absorber studies
    • Scott to propose a first draft that is going to be update this week
    • Craig to provide geometries to Scott (gdml files of the absorber bit)
    • Decide during 21/9 meeting, to have the energy loss as a section of the Absorber chapter.
  • EMR:
    • Two sections completed. Waiting François to be back to finalize that
  • Detector alignment:
    • First draft from François

Next meeting:


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