2018-07-19 optics

Thursday 19th July 15:00 BST.

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  • Magnet mapping (Joe Langlands)
  • Track fitting and systematics (Chris Hunt)
  • 7469 data and measurement of emittance (Victoria)
  • Emittance reduction paper (Chris Rogers/Chris Hunt/Francois/alia)
  • Field mapping and theoretical magnets, effects of iron (Victoria/Jo Langlands)
  • Transfer matrix and magnet alignment (Chris Hunt/Chris Rogers)
  • Optics studies (Paul Jurj)
  • Beamline (Paolo/Tom)
    • Optics of pionic beamline
    • Dipole field measurement
    • Target simulation TargetUpdates.pdf
  • Algorithm to calculate the phase space volume (vs RMS emittance) (Tanaz) 2018-07-19-tmohayai.pdf
    • Wedge (Pavel)
  • System performance paper (Paolo et al)
  • AOB
  • Date of Next Meeting
    • Optics, 15:00 BST, Thursday 16th August
    • Materials, 15:00 BST, Friday 17th August
    • Week commencing 27th August - analysis workshop

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