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h1. Analysis Working Party 

 Start time is 9 am on Monday 25th June, 10 am on Tuesday 26th. The room will not be locked overnight so feel free to come in earlier (and/or stay later). 

 We will be in CR13, near the South car park. There is a map here: attachment:RALSitePlan.pdf 

 h2. System performance paper: Monday morning 

 [[System-performance-paper_2018-06-25|System performance paper meeting page]] 

 h2. Scattering - referees: Monday afternoon 

 h2. Long Emittance Paper: Tuesday Morning? 

 h3. Discussion Objectives 

 * Convergence of the MC simulation Model 
 ** Dipoole model implemented; target model not implemented but doesn't appear to be sensitive 
 ** Tracker model believe implemented 
 *** Plan to measure density and geometry by <someone> 
 *** Plan to look at chi2 of straight tracks 
 * Plan for the integration of field models into systematics studies 
 ** Asked Joe L to upload the field map files; Paul J looking into comparing with MAUS models files 
 * Performance of track fit and possible future upgrades 
 ** Discussed issues to do with track fitting and low pt tracks; comments from Francois by email 
 ** Chris H reviewed tracker tof refit routines and Chris R agreed to have a go at running them 
 ** Chris H has done some track fitting using non-uniform fitter; it might work 
 * Standardize the datasets and some cuts 
 ** Discussed using all (within reason) data 
 ** Discussed presentation of results 
 *** Propose sum all beam line settings for a CC magnet configuration; select subsamples for analysis 
 *** Selected configurations comparison of emittance change vs input emittance 
 *** Comparison of equilibrium emittance vs CC magnet configuration 
 *** Parameterisation of amplitude change to exclude aberrations and emittance growth; comparison vs CC magnet configurations