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h1. 2017-12-05-physics-shifter 

 h1. 2017-11-30 physics-shifter 

 *Start Date:* 2017-12-05 
 *End Date:*  
 *Start Run:* 10432 
 *End Run:*  
 *Physics shifter*: Chris Rogers 

 h2. Summary 

 The aim was to get the empty data for corresponding LiH full settings: 

 * 5th December - possibly recover magnets following a quench 
 * 6th December - 2016-05.1 setting (flip mode, 140 MeV/c) 
 * 7th December - 2017-02-7 setting (flip mode, 140 MeV/c) 
 * 8th December - 2017-02-8 setting (flip mode, 170 MeV/c) 

 h3. Elog, CDB 

 h3. Online reco 

 h2. Analysis 

 h3. 5th December 

 No data 

 h3. 6th December 

 * TOF1 dt is 50 ps, still not great; TOF0 and TOF2 slab conversion to space point efficiency ~ 97-98 % 
 * TKU, TKD has no obvious dead area 
 * Amplitude change looks okay. Notice more scraping than with M2D data sets. 
 * I spend some time staring at the chi2 plots in TKD. TKD has a longer tail, but I think it is not significant. Comparing e.g. chi2/ndf = 4, with the peak chi2, the ratio is < 10^-3 for both TKU and TKD. But TKD has a longish tail beyond - all at < 10^-3 level, so did not dig further. I also note TKD has fewer ndf, potentially indicating less successful track finding from PR; again, something to dig into (but data is probably okay).