2017-11-19 physics-shifter

Start Date: 2017-11-14
End Date: 2017-11-25
Start Run: 10103
End Run:
Physics shifter: Chris Rogers


The aim was to get the empty data for corresponding lH2 full settings:

  • 14th Nov: Beam tests
  • 15th Nov: 2017-02-3 (flip mode M2D off @ 140 MeV/c)
  • 16th Nov: 2017-02-4 (flip mode M2D off @ 140 MeV/c)
  • 17th Nov: 2017-02-5 (solenoid mode M2D on @ 140 MeV/c)
  • 18th - 20th Nov: straight tracks (140-240 MeV/c)

There was a major power outage on 20th November as MICE was preparing to go to 2017-02-6 setting.

Elog, CDB


Online reco



Online reconstruction was originally run with Minuit pattern recognition - which was shown to erroneously lead to low pt tracks reconstructed with 50 MeV/c pz. This was fixed and since then data looks fine.

TKU space points station 1 through 5

No obvious holes:

TKD space points station 1 through 5

No obvious holes:

TK momentum reconstruction

Chi2/ndf looks reasonable; peaked at 1

No evidence of the "bump" at 50 MeV/c and low pt


TOF space point finding efficiencies look greatly improved over recent runs. (Define efficiency => number of slab pairs that form a space point)

tof0 tof1 tof2
all 0.97 1.0 0.985
us cut 1.0, 1.0 0.995
ds cut 1.0, 1.0 0.995

TOF slab delta t looks good for TOF0 and TOF2. For TOF1, slab delta t is not great. Expert has been contacted.




TOF peaks look normal (i.e. peak for electrons, muons and pions)

TOF vs Tracker

TOF and track appear to be consistent


Amplitude upstream and downstream looks consistent. Pattern of losses is comparable to other datasets.

Straight Tracks

John Nugent has looked at the straight tracks data and reports that it looks okay.

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