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Mohayai, Tanaz Angelina, 24 October 2017 05:10

Physics Shift Report

Start Date: 10-10-2017
End Date: 10-23-2017
Start Run: 10016
End Run: 10085
Physics shifter: Tanaz A. Mohayai

Summary of Runs

Run Number Purpose
10016 Reference Run
10017 - 10018 Reference Run - Beam Bump Tuning
10019 - 10054 Empty LH2 - Flip Mode - 140MeV - 2T
10055 - 10062 Empty LH2 - Flip Mode - 140MeV - 2T
10063 - 10077 Empty LH2 - Flip Mode - 140MeV - 2T
10078 - 10085 Empty LH2 - Flip Mode - 170MeV - 3T

Elog, CDB, and Reconstruction

Elog entries are ok.

CDB uploaded ok with the exception of the following runs:
10021: it has null End Date (as reported in the corresponding elog, Run Plan GUI hung up at end of run due to illegal character in end-run comment)
10021: Start comment is wrong and should be 4 mm (not 3 mm)
10022: Start comment is wrong and should be 4 mm (not 3 mm)
10083: not in the CDB but properly explained in the corresponding MICE log (an attempt to start a Reference run was made but was never properly recorded in CDB)

Online reconstruction is ok
All runs are reconstructing ok with the exception of the following:
10083: was never recorded in CDB (please see above for explanation)

Timing Study

There were tracker timing studies carried out during this physics shift period. The corresponding run numbers are in Summary of Runs table above.
It was concluded that the baseline time (the current time) setting for the H40a task in the current run plan (3-140+M3-Test3 beamline tag in is the optimum. This is because the "the maximum of the accepted trigger fraction is found at this baseline time". See the plot attached to elog entry:

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