2017-07-14 emittance-evolution

15:00 BST Friday 14th July

  • Status of paper - Rogers
  • Tracker studies - Hunt
  • Emittance analysis - Drielsma
  • Job list + route forwards - all
  • Timeline - Rogers

Rogers Notes

Discussion of Job list:
  • Beam matching/Event selection
    • Selecting a beam to get a matched event
      • How do we do a beam weighting?
      • Beam weighting: what is the statistical uncertainty introduced by beam weighting?
    • AGREED: Chris Hunt will dig into the beam selection
      • Francois maybe its not high priority
  • Other event selection
    • Upstream aperture selection
      • Add aperture cut upstream of tracker (e.g. diffuser)
      • Add aperture cut on tracker fiducial volume
    • Downstream aperture selection
      • Consider aperture cut on events that look likely to scrape
    • AGREED: Rogers will do the aperture selection
  • Field studies
    • MAUS disagrees with Hall probes?
    • Consider Joe Langlands
    • Measurement in hall probe
    • Shape of magnetic field is reasonable
    • Tracker alignment (Chris H)
    • AGREED: Hunt and Langlands if he agrees
  • MC Uncertainties
    • Durga and Dimitrije
    • Push through later on
Timeline:- end of August for bulk of work complete
  • NuFact - end of September

Ken Long Notes

Date: 14Jul17
Present: KL, CR, CH, FD

  • Event selection:
    • Pre-selection: TOF cuts, apertures etc.
      • May use Misha’s routine if it seems ready.
      • Apertures: CR
      • Preselection: CH
        • Will see if Misha’s stuff can be used.
      • Later, selection to give matched beam. Requires preselection.
  • Magnetic field/tracking issues:
    • Two classes;
      • Scaling of field to Hall probes: CH
      • Tracker to field alignment: CH
      • Effect of non-uniformity: CH
    • Monte Carlo systematic uncertainties:
      • Various manifestations; alignment, modelling etc.: FD and DR (in absentia!)

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