Frisday 12th May at 15:00 BST. For those at RAL, we will be in the MICE meeting room in R1.

Phone Details


  • Run plan for 2017/01
    • Status of data taking
  • Physics shifter
    • 8th to 12th May
    • 13th to 16th May
    • 29th to 31st May
    • 1st June to 4th June
  • Scattering (field off) - Ryan Bayes
    • MICE Note on TOF vs momentum - John Cobb
    • Referees meeting
  • Moliere distributions - John Cobb
  • Energy loss - Scott Wilbur
  • Multiple scattering (field on) - Alan Young/Jan Greis
  • AOB
  • Date of Next Meeting
    • Friday 12th May
    • Friday 19th May - Rogers will be in the air; do we need a meeting (data is coming)
    • Friday 26th May
    • Friday 2nd June (or is it a VC week?)
    • ...

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