Thursday 13th April at 17:00 BST in MICE meeting room

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  • Ken Long
  • Pavel Snopok
  • Tanaz Mohayai
  • Dave Neuffer
  • Ao Liu
  • Chris Hunt
  • Francois Drielsma
Chris Hunt
  • looking at data; taking input beam at upstream tracker; studying how it behaves going through to the downstream tracker; is there a beam that behaves nicely and is cooled.
  • can't use natural beam; effects of diffuser etc are present
  • dug through some selection procedures
    • selection based on amplitude - chi2 distribution - only in upstream tracker; never found a beam that cooled with good transmission
    • 4D selection routine by looking at 2D projections; but pulled by parent distribution + sensitive to emittance
    • Issue with discrepancy between MC efficiency and data efficiency; why?
    • Tracking reconstructed beam back through the detector; re-reconstruction agrees but transmission does not agree
    • Trying to fix this analysis; covariance matrix corrections
  • See slides
  • Agree amplitude analysis for IPAC/rapid communication
  • Systematic studies done previously
  • Now looking into analysis using data
  • Seeks to understand effects of different cuts, considering effect of cut on downstream data
  • Observe larger cooling when include the scraping muons in the upstream sample than when we don't include the scraping muons; not well understood
  • Cuts analogous to Rogers
  • The KDE is sensitive to sample size; discussed an amplitude cut upstream to help
  • Didn't go through slides - but left as a reference
  • Note that the analysis is advanced; progressing towards estimation of systematic bias
  • Note as others have mentioned that the MC has incorrect aperture model
In discussion:
  • Note there is a common set of data
  • KL requires there is a common set of event selections so that we can begin to understand the systematics associated with the event selection; focus things on MC that cause discrepancies
  • Good batch MC for 1.2
  • Reconstruction with 2.8.4

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