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I have three issues I would like to discuss:-

1. Do we basically agree on the plan, i.e.:

At p = 140 MeV/c
  • beta = 200 mm
  • beta = 400 mm
  • beta = 800 mm
At p = 200 MeV/c
  • beta = 800 mm (approx smallest available)
At p = 240 MeV/c
  • beta ~ 1100 mm (approx smallest available)

2. Should we choose Ao's setting optimised for "unmatched beam" or "matched beam" for the beta = 200 mm setting at 140 MeV/c

  • If we use unmatched beam,
  • If we use matched beam setting, we have to do beam sampling

3. Is there a better 200 MeV/c setting?

I showed following slides at the optics session yesterday:

I have done some more simulation runs overnight, some died due to lack of disk space (50k muons per job). I will try to get some plots together for later on.

Physics shift log from 1.2 Physics_shift_2016-12-03


Discussion on point 1

No conclusion on which beta functions to choose.
Agree that we have low focussing, intermediate focussing and high focussing for 140 MeV/c

  • Note need to check on required running time; agree 100k good muons per momentum/emittance and cooling channel setting
    • Good muon i.e. within TOF cuts is defined as making it to TKD; within +/- 5 MeV/c of the momentum
    • That tells us how many settings we get. And then that informs what runs we plan to.

Long discussion on point 2

Ao - we should take unmatched beam data with unmatched lattice; this gives us a measure of emittance reduction across the absorber with the best performing lattice
Jaroslaw - we should take matched beam data with matched lattice; this gives us an easier analysis for the higher beta function data; we can sample the lower beta function data; we can compare more easily to the solenoid data

  • Challenge to Ao - can we get emittance change across TKU to TKD using unmatched beam

Discussion on point 3 - suspended until next time


Jaroslaw: look at improved optics for 140 MeV/c
Ao: look at required running time to get 100k good muons
Ao: can we get emittance change across TKU to TKD using unmatched beam
Rogers: tidy up plots and run any new optics solutions
Rogers: do the trims in SSU

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