November 28 -

Physics Shift Report

Start Date: 28/11/2016
End Date: ?/11/2016
Start Run:
End Run:
Physics shifter: Chris Rogers


Running with superconducting magnets to get possible measurement of emittance reduction; setting is 2016 04 1.2


  • Tag is the beamline tag
  • Runs is a list of runs considered to make following calculations (I didn't use all runs for a particular tag)
  • TOF1 Triggers is the sum of the CDB TOF1 triggers scalar; note this is trigger requests (does not include dead time/etc)
  • TOF2 Triggers is the sum of the CDB TOF2 triggers scalar; note this is trigger requests (does not include coincidence with TOF1/etc)
  • lmc1234 sum is the sum of the CDB luminosity monitor scalar
  • time taken is the sum of the times listed (time between "start run" and "stop run")
  • number in muon peak is the number reporting tof01 in the muon peak, tuned by tag (roughly 28 to 32 ns)
  • number at tof2 is the number reporting at least one space point in tof1 and exactly one space point in tof2
  • number passing all cuts is the number passing:-
    • exactly one track in TKU
    • tof01 in the muon peak (tuned by tag)
    • TKU total momentum between 135 and 145 MeV/c
    • Exactly one space point in TOF0 and TOF1
  • number passing all cuts/p in tku:- I histogram p in TKU, then find the peak bin, then report number in the peak bin divide bin width
  • number passing all cuts/tof01:- as per previous entry, but this time using tof01 histogram
Tag Runs lmc1234 sum TOF1 Triggers TOF2 Triggers time taken number in muon peak number at tof2 number passing all cuts number passing all cuts / p in tku [MeV/c^-1] number passing all cuts / tof01 [ns^-1]
3-140+M3-Test2 [8643] 618173 176576 93941 1 hrs 57 mins 52233 45698 15506 1724.79 25330.0
6-140+M3-Test2 [8644] 570985 212187 87215 2 hrs 1 mins 62712 40058 18943 2125.34 33925.0
10-140+M3-Test3 [8645] 608291 356473 49930 2 hrs 1 mins 94463 16698 15431 2008.62 36235.0

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