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Rogers, Chris, 19 November 2016 08:07

2016-11-19 physics-shifter

November 19 - 23

Physics Shift Report

Start Date: 19/11/2016
End Date: 22/11/2016
Start Run:
End Run:
Physics shifter: Chris Rogers


Running with superconducting magnets to get first possible measurement of emittance reduction

Run documentation


Run Condition Summary Spreadsheet/CDB


  • "Runs" is the runs used for each study
  • "Particle Triggers" is the sum of CDB beamline scalars Particle Triggers field
  • "TOF2 Triggers" is the sum of CDB beamline scalars TOF2 Triggers field; note this is actually TOF2 trigger requests
  • "Time" is the time registered in the CDB. Note this is time between "start run" and "stop run" so can include e.g. ISIS downtime etc
  • "Number at TOF2" is number reporting at least one TOF1 and exactly one TOF2 space point
  • "Number passing TOF12 cut" is number within the muon peak
  • "Number passing all cuts" is number reporting exactly one TOF1 and TOF2 space point, exactly one TKU and TKD track and passing the TOF cut
  • "Number in peak bin" is number passing all cuts that fall within the peak p_tot bin
Momentum Runs Particle Triggers TOF2 Triggers Time Number at TOF2 Number passing TOF12 cut Number passing all cuts Number in peak 4 MeV/c p_tot bin Number in peak 200 ps tof12 bin
3-140+M3-Test2 [8518] 78501 51006 0 hrs 58 min 23695 15426 7550 1571.0 593.0
6-140+M3-Test1 [8519, 8520, 8521] 97599 28069 2 hrs 2 min 10475 7961 3534 777.0 311.0

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