Thursday 25th August 15:00 BST.

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US 866-740-1260
UK 0800-496-0576
Swiss 0800-70-53-51
Italy 800182592

PIN: 5673390


  • Field mapping and theoretical magnets, effects of iron (Victoria/John Cobb/Jo Langlands)
  • Transfer matrix and magnet alignment (Sophie/Chris Rogers)
  • Beamline
    • Optics of pionic beamline (Paolo)
      • Dipole field measurement?
    • Target simulation (Ao)
  • Step IV Optics (Ao Liu)
    • Validation of optics model
    • Emittance/cooling simulation (Francois)
  • Algorithm to calculate the phase space volume (vs RMS emittance) (Tanaz Mohayai/Chris Rogers)
  • Demonstration of Ionisation Cooling paper (Jaroslaw/JB Lagrange)
  • AOB
  • Date of Next Meeting
    • Thursday 25th August
    • Thursday 1st September no meeting this week; Rogers will be away
    • Thursday 8th September

TOF12 plots, etc

  • Comment on D1 D2 saturation curves; I use current I [A] given by I = B*253.91 - 55.998*B^2 + 39.59*B^3 where B is the field parameter that I plug into G4BL [T]. For "no saturation" setting I just use I = B*253.91. To do the reverse calculation i.e. B(I) I use Newton Raphson to find roots of the polynomial.

The MC data is available from:

I attach my script for converting from current to field.

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