2015-09-17 m1 optics discussion


We went through Rogers slides. Came up with following job list:

0. Finish outstanding optics studies + optimisation routines (Rogers)
1. Investigate optics settings for "Hold SSU at 4T, degrade only SSD" etc (Rogers)
2. Send Ryan some currents and beams settings to look at MC of "asymmetric" setting (Rogers)
3. Run MC (Bayes/Liu)
4. Look at tracker resolution vs Bz (Bayes/Liu)
5. Look at Demo options (Pasternak/Lagrange)
6. Validate optics study (Blackmore)

While everything is "wild", it probably makes sense to talk reasonably frequently. Can we regroup on Thursday at noon?


Ryan Bayes
Ao Liu
Chris Rogers
Victoria Blackmore

- Ryan has produced a simulation, solenoid config and flip configuration
- Putting it into a set of slides
- Got beam parameters from virtual planes
- Transmission

- Ao is going over docs and running over examples
- Ryan will provide Ao with a configuration file + instructions

Envelope tool:
- Also Victoria Blackmore tool

Propose either meeting early next week (say Monday/Tuesday), or leave it until Thursday next week analysis meeting, depending on how stuff goes.

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