Physics Shift Report

Start Date: 24 April, 2015
End Date: 26 April, 2015
Start Run: 6554
End Run: 6646
Physics shifter: Ryan Bayes


Purpose of the run was to evaluate various potential beam line settings for transmission and beam quality into the diffuser. Evaluation of the beam is to be done with the TOFs as the trackers have not yet been commissioned. The data are known to be analyzable because TOF space points have been observed throughout data collection using both online and offline reconstruction.

Run documentation

Physics devil output flags only a few runs that fail the download process. The output from the physic devil is attached as 6500.html and 6600.html.


Elog was initially spare and not well self contained as it contained references to tasks on the run plan with no context or run numbers.
  • Quality improved after a suggestion was passed to the MOM.
  • The shift summaries provide most of the useful information.

Run Condition Summary Spreadsheet/CDB

The physics devil output indicates successful CDB upload for the majority of runs;
  • exceptions are 6554-6560, 6574, 6591, 6623, 6624, 6629, 6630.

The run conditions spreadsheet test in the physics devil output passes for the majority of runs. Some runs where the DAQ failed (6613 - 6615) do not appear in the physics devil record.

There are a number of cases in the run conditions spreadsheet where items (such as the number of pulses or the start time) were not recorded. With the CDB running this is not a critical issue.


All of the data were reconstructed as of Monday morning of 27 April. Of 93 runs collected 9 runs failed tar unpacking after download. A number of errors have appeared in the reconstruction although the majority have been recoverable as either "ErrorHandler.CppError: In branch recon_events" at various locations during the run (which appears to be a segmentation fault from incorrect exception handling) or "ErrorHandler.CppError: Failed to read next event at InputCppDAQData::_emit_cpp()" at the end of a run. Visual inspection of the TOF plot output shows that the timing information is successfully reconstructed.

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