Physics Shift Report

Start Date: 18-04-2015
End Date: 20-04-2015
Start Run: 6450
End Run: 6471
Physics shifter: Chris Rogers


At the moment the data does not appear to be analysable - looks like there are no TOF space points

  • ISSUE: Why are there no space points in reconstructed data (DAQ? MAUS?)?
  • ISSUE: What are the errors in reconstructed data (DAQ? MAUS?)?
  • ISSUE: Why is there no cdb data uploaded (C+M)?
  • ISSUE: A proper shift summary would be nice (MOM)?
  • ISSUE: It would be nice to just check the run conditions spreadsheet and fix the typo (MOM)

Run documentation

Edit to add:

The physics devil output for this running is at:

The only physics data appears to be from runs 6468 to 6471, and that does not appear to have reconstructed successfully.


The best shift summary for the run appears to be this one

It is quite difficult to understand from this what happened. A shift summary like

would be much more useful.

No satisfactory shift summary was recorded for the shift

ISSUE: MOM should check and make a shift summary

Run Condition Summary Spreadsheet/CDB

  • Physics devil reported a fail against run 6471 - the spreadsheet had 6470 listed twice and it is suspected that a cut and paste error occurred.
  • The CDB was not updated correctly for any of these runs

ISSUE: Pierrick should check and fix the cdb upload from run control
ISSUE: MOM should check and fix the spreadsheet


As of 11:00 on Monday morning only 6471 has been reconstructed. In this data set TOF space points were not reconstructed successfully. TOF space points are required to analyse this data.

  • ISSUE: Computing experts (DAQ/MAUS) should check the reconstructed data. Why are there no space points?
    • Due to DAQ fixes on the day, it looks like the DAQ timings were changed invalidating the calibration
  • ISSUE: What are the errors in reconstructed data (DAQ? MAUS?)?
    • It looks like there is a bug in the reconstruction; it is not believed to affect the reconstruction.

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