Long Emittance Paper Discussion

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A comprehensive analysis of ionization cooling within the MICE Cooling Channel.

  • Reduced Systematic Errors
  • Data from many different runs/absorbers/settings
  • Beam selection for improved matching
  • Comparisons with some theory and/or MC models

Expected Contributors

Main author(s) Contribution Notes
Tom Beamline Improve MC-Data Agreement - TargetUpdates.pdf
Viktor, Durga Beamline (TOF)
Scott, Craig Absorber Systematics Theory uncertainty / Improve absorber model
Ajit LH2
Joe Field Maps Improve track fitting and optics systematics
Chris H Beam Selection Improve performance
Paul Optics Model Theory/MC Model
Chris R, Melissa Track matching Theory/MC Model/Track Propagation
Chris H Track Fitting Improve systematics
??? Magnet Alignment Theory/MC Model/Systematics
Chris R, Jaroslaw Optics Description Designed and implemented optics configurations in the settings used


  1. Discussion of concept and title
  2. Round table of the contributions list
  3. Discussion and Going forward
  4. AOB


  • LongEmittanceNote.pdf - Current version of the note, mostly just the outline and contributions list by contribution


Attendees: Chris H, Paul J, Chris R, Ajit K, Durga R, Joe L, Tom L, Viktor P, Scott W, Craig B

  • Include beamline in theory section
  • Start thinking about how MC geometry will converge at CM
  • Ajit and Craig to collaborate RE: LH2 Density systematic
  • Do we extrapolate to absorber or use tracker reference planes to make measurement?
Round Table:
  • Tom
    • Target geometry improvements looking good, although surveys hard to find
    • MARS is computationally expensive
    • Results at CM
  • Durga
    • New MAUS versions and calibrations for TOFs comming soon
    • Funky ADC distirbutions are fixable - just need to identify correct runs
    • Data-MC Discrepancy still stands - needs more work
  • Chris
    • MC geometry seen several updates coming to a release soon
  • Craig
    • Wedge analysis looks good
    • Possibly apply similar analysis to LH2 shape
    • Need to look at LH2 density/thickness systematics
  • Ajit
    • Improving LH2 MC geometry
    • Is the absorber symmetric?
  • Scott
    • E-Loss analysis on track
    • Want to use measurements in the analysis/MC Geometry
  • Joe
    • Field map formatting tricky
    • Will be able to produce field maps for runs soon
  • Chris H
    • Basic beam selection is done
    • 4D beam selection is difficult
  • Paul J
    • Some discrepancies between MC, Data and Optics model
    • Aim to model optical heating
  • Chris R
    • Track matching works
    • Reverse extrapolation of downstream tracks still missing
  • Chris H
    • Field integrated kalman filter is implemented but not debugged/tested
    • Low-pt tracks treatment might be faster/more practical - needs looking at


  • Workshop will be quite informal - a lot is covered by System performance paper
  • Should focus on determining standard Data sets and cuts, etc.

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