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Analysis Operations Policy

06 March 2015 13:22

Policy for how the physics group supports MICE operations and data taking.

Plan For MICE During ISIS User Run 2015/02

05 May 2015 14:36

Plan for MICE During ISIS User Run 2015/03

10 November 2015 11:47

Plan For MICE During ISIS User Run 2015/01a and 2015/01b

05 May 2015 11:40

During ISIS user run 1a and 1b, MICE intends to finish commissioning detectors and beamline, whilst simultaneously training the MICE cooling channel magnets. In this note the plan for MICE data taking is outlined. The currently planned dates of the ISIS user run are outlined below, all in calendar year 2015. ...

Status of the MICE Analysis

13 January 2016 16:58

Submission for the Optics review, 14-15 Jan 2016