Meeting 14 Dec 2012

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  • minutes and actions Chris TunnelL
  • Project manager report (Andy Nichols)
  • debriefing of MICE project board (Alain+all)
  • schedule item: magnetic measurements sequences at RAL (Alain)
  • status of US magnets (Alan Bross)
  • next collaboration meeting (Alain)
  • Data management plan (David Colling)
  • Status of MICE papers (Maurizio Bonesini)
  • MICE conferences (Vittorio)
  • MICE common fund (Ken Long)
  • aob


Added by Tunnell, Christopher about 11 years ago


  • Alain Blondel
  • Chris Tunnnell
  • John Cobb
  • Alan Bross
  • Ken Long
  • Linda Coney
  • Vittorio Palladino

Project manager report

No Andy, skip.

MPB debriefing

Comments from committee sent around. They were happy to receive resource loaded plan. Debriefing between EB members ensues.

(aside: DOE is pushing hard for Lehman review, mainly MPB people. Lots of prep needed. Mainly about technical and cost risk, so need to think about Step 5/6. April/May time frame.)

Schedule item: magnetic measurements sequences at RAL (Alain)

Looking at MPB report.

Recommendation 2

  • There is a plan of moving things away from the magnetic field. A return yoke is being designed for Step 4, but time is required to acquire the materials and, if * used, could hurt schedule.
  • Magnet field measurements could be done in hall with the yoke, because it doesn't change lattice much.
  • ACTION: Ken Long to send proposal to Blondel and Chris Rogers on how to present schedule discussion. SMall meeting with schedule makers, then present to CM.
  • Ensure Holger Witte is at CM.


  • An analysis of the forces must be done including the new fringe field mitigation elements.
  • ACTION: Alain to ask Courthold et al about Recommendation 4, and possibly clarify with MPB the meaning.:

Make a full mechanical analysis of the magnet system with the new fringe field mitigation elements, covering both steady state and transient (powering, quench, etc.) operations in a realistic environment (mechanical tolerances, relief valves sizing, etc.). At least “check off” all the root causes that contributed to recent SC magnet failures in complicated systems. Present the analysis at the next MPB meeting.

Recommendation 6

  • assembly CC cryostat at FNAL.
  • Need to ensure TD has resources to do it.
  • CERN is still a possibility.
  • First mucool magnet: testing in March, first cryostat in July, won't know until next fall.

Cost and schedule #1

Ken and Alan are spearheading.

Cost and schedule #2

Liquid H tests could be delayed? Maybe streamlining mangetic measurement plans?

ACTION: Cobb to send comments on Alain's magnet measurement ideas.

Cost and schedule #4

Need to know stray field mitigation plan by next CM to address "Upon completion of the fringe-field studies and solution, re-evaluate the schedule and cost to the experiment. Present at the next MPB meeting."

Management #2

We are trying to fully integrate UK and US construction plans, which given the Lehman review means this recommendation may change. Need to understand the parameters of the Lehman review to address this recommendation.

Next CM

Chris Rogers. Priority to magnetic field mitigation.

Data management plan


Speakers bureau

Sent by email:

as it is likely that I will have to be gone well before we get here ....

briefly ... mice have submitted abstracts for
a MICE (+NuFact) talk at Bormio 2013 (January)
a tracker and a PID talk in Vienna 2013 (February)
a MICE poster (talk, perhaps) and seven technica posters at IPAC13 (Shangai, May)

referees will soon be nominated

next, the SB will soon be circulating

one "MICE so far" and one "toward MICE completion" abstract
for COOL13 (Murren, June)

be ready to help improve the drafts
and suggest anything that you see forgotten ...