Meeting 24 Sep 2012

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-- actions and minutes
-- various news not stated below (all)
and in particular spectrometer solenoid (Gourlay))
-- new board members proposal (Alain)
-- Report from TB: magnetic field mitigation plan (Nichols)
-- short report from UK and OSC (Ken Long)
-- MAP and DOE review (Palmer)
-- MICE project board preparation (I have included the report by MPB3)
-- 'fully loaded schedule' preparation (Palmer, Long, Nichols)
-- CC plans (Gourlay, Palmer)
-- milestone tracker (Nichols)
-- proposal for speakers at the board
-- agenda of MICE collaboration meeting
-- schedule meeting 16 October afternoon
-- others
-- agenda of executive board Friday 19 October 13:30-16:00)

-- a.o.b.


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From Alain:

Proposed agenda for the MICE project board (they will want to modify it of course)

1. MICE overview and context (Alain Blondel or Alan Bross) (15’)
-- a word of ‘worldwide strategies, nustorm, ESPP etc..’
2. MICE project manager report (Andy Nichols) (20’)
-- Milestone tracking, schedule
3. MAP, US Fully loaded schedule (Mark Palmer) (10’)
3’ UK fully loaded schedule (Ken Long) (10’)
4. MICE magnets status and shielding issues (Roy Preece) (30’)
5. Liquid Hydrogen absorbers (Steve Watson) (20’)
6. Running MICE (Linda Coney) (20’)
7. RF project (Kevin Ronald) (20’)

Plus discussion of course

Alain and Andy 20 September 2012

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  • Alain Blondel
  • Alan Bross
  • Christopher Tunnell
  • David Colling
  • Andy Nichols
  • Ken Long
  • Steve Gourlay
  • Dan Kaplan
  • Mark Palmer
  • John Cobb

Spectrometer Solenoid Update

Training since HTS lead replacement. It took a month to get to operating current. The cold mass heater has turned off during the night, the interior went sub-atmospheric, and air was sucked in.

At the moment, the magnet is operating stably with four cryo-coolers. In principle, we could run current through it. How best to train it from now is being asked to a committee of cryo-experts.

Air coming in through the relief valve will be an alarm later.

Mark Palmer says we should focus on the controls to catch problems. We should do it before RAL. Having the controls done eases burden on magnet training team.

We want to replace two HTS leads when it is next warmed.

Krakow CERN Strategy Meeting

5 mentions of MICE being important to finish without any prodding from us.

New board member proposals

It will be proposed at the next Collaboration Board that Linda Coney become a US representative on the EB.

Report from TB: magnetic field mitigation plan

MICE TB brief notes discussed by Andy Nichols.

  • strong support to negotiations to obtain access to plant room
  • place items along west hall and temporarily behind north hall, make sure that cabling extension cover possibility to use the plant room
  • continue investigations of flux return solutions
  • publicise results as MICE notes

UK Oversight Committee

The committee wanted more information so there will be another meeting.

DOE Review of MAP

  • Acknowledged significant magnet progress but there is still significant uncertainty in cost and schedule.
  • MAP has three high priorities: step 4, the CC, RF testing in magnetic field using the MTA.

Fully loaded schedule

Nichols: the inputs are being worked out by Mark Palmer and Long. This ties into the recently approved WBS. People need to get in the same room. A schedule to the UK OsC on October 5th (meets in November) requires a schedule.

We will be constructing Step 4 in a UK financial year that may limit funds for Step 5.

When will SS land at RAL? 2nd SS to RAL before most recent issue with SS1: ship in May 2013. Assuming Air Freight, but may get expensive.

CC plans

Coil still at Berkeley. Trying to come up with a plan that meets FNAL safety requirements.

  • Two CC can't co-exist prior to 2015.
  • We could test RFCC 'lite' is the MuCOOL CC and this could happen in 2015. MuCOOL test area could do RF with field long before we would be able to do it in MICE, given when RF is available at MICE. There is also a technical reason: there is a lot more flexibility for doing this in the MTA because there is a fridge.
  • Outside help would be great, but can't plan on it (ERC, NSF MRI, etc.). Re: CERN help, need to pass on a document about what ten Kate can do to Steve Gourlay to review


Need to cool then bring to current when SS arrives. This may require a new training cycle (5 weeks). If you move it into the hall, then have to retrain. This is also 5 weeks with Helium on demand, so 10000 L of He would be required to avoid schedule delays. Gas can be just as hard to get as liquid.

Logistics of of helium recovery system are difficult. Would take a while to install. Also, probably more expensive route.

It's 15k GBP per quench.

Want to know where the coils are so only need to run at half current. There was a hall probe measured of the SS at Wang. Mike Tartagglia has the data.

Do not ship your magnets cold.

Proposal for speakers to the MPB

General approval. Combine US and UK schedules.

Schedule meeting 16 Oct

Fermilab travel requires 30 day notice, so there must be more notice before announcing things like this.