Meeting 30 Mar 2012

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  • minutes and Actions (Chris TunnelL)
  • WBS revision proposal (Andy)
  • matters arising from MICO and MICE video conference (Alain, Andy)
  • in particular step IV running plan (Alain)
  • Coupling Coils status and construction plan
  • next events (collaboration meetings and preparations for conferences)
  • in particular next schedule review meeting
  • open access to MICE data (Colling)
  • AOB

Apologies from David Colling and maybe Vittorio Palladino.

Maurizio Bonesini wants to discuss the FAC.


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WBS is linked in here:

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Discussion of data access here

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  • Andy Nichols
  • John Cobb
  • Christopher Tunnell
  • Alain Blondel
  • Ken Long
  • Vittorio Palladino (shortly appears)


  • Alan Bross
  • David Colling

Minutes of last meeting


Create Emittance paper action

Victoria took over and is currently drafting it.


Need to add Cherenkov. RF systems item is difficult to sort out until the RF workshop.

  • 2.1.1 should be "UK project management"
  • Smith -> Hodgson
  • Add - EMR Mechanics, Frank.
  • Does Derun Li have enough time to do the RF?


Step 4 running plan. We haven't circulated the Step 4 run plan enough.

Objection from Cobb: when proposing to take data, somebody should do the work to prove the measurement is needed. Or at least have an estimate of what should be observed. Are SS more important to map than FC?

  1. Start with a completely empty (no absorber, window, etc.) for alignment. Calibration of dE/dx and MS in trackers. Shoot for first ISIS period in 2013.
  2. Then install liquid Hydrogen absorber. The schedule of integrating the absorber into the AFC module will work around this, but it is high priority as it is part of the acceptance criteria. Can only test liquid hydrogen in hall though so there would be a test run without data taking.

A.O.B. - Speaker's Bureau

Palladino: when IPAC rehearsal? Neutrino 2012. ICHEP: instrumentation section, future R&D, Higgs factory. Results and Completion posters, but maybe shoot for instrumentation too?

IPAC end of May, when poster review?

Coupling coils

No Alan Bross.

Next events

Discussed before. Schedule meeting right before next CM.

Action on Andy Nichols: when next internal schedule review?

Open access to data

Discussed before.

AOB: FAC comments

No minutes yet from FAC. DOE was there with LK Lang and Mike Zisman, NSF with Mark Goldberg and ??. Seemed to go fine. Nice presentation with Mark Palmer in morning. At last VC, FAC and MPB dates announced. When does MAP funds stop?

AOB: Common Fund

List sent around, FAC noticed that Cline was still listed despite leaving. There was also somebody from Imperial who we forgot to list. How much helium do we need? Is Domizia forgotten on the list of people who incur levy? Why are so many people from Sofia paying?

AOB: Local accommodation

Approach of lab has changed: possible to get local housing. If they need a named person on the lease, Ken Long volunteers. Now we need to figure out how many people would stay there.