Meeting 16 Mar 2012

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  • minutes and Actions (Chris Tunnell)
  • matters arising from TB (Nichols et al)
  • matters arising from MICO and MICE video conference (Alain)
  • Common fund (Long)
  • Coupling Coils construction plan
  • MICE papers (Maurizio) - very brief status of papers
  • speakers board (Vittorio)
  • next events (collaboration meetings and preparations for conferences)
  • data access document (see also the LIGO document enclosed)
  • AOB

From Vittorio Palladino:

EUROnu INFN is being audited today here in Napoli, I am likely not to be able
to join.

Waiting to learn from the organizers in Kyoto about the two abstracts we submitted,
next SB priority is ICHEP in Melbourne. The scheme has been lately one abstract on
MICE results, one on MICE completion. Please let me have your views.


next SB priority is ICHEP in Melbourne., Deadline for submission March 30.


Added by Tunnell, Christopher about 12 years ago

Long delay since previous EB, short delay till next.


  • Alain Blondel
  • Dan Kaplan
  • Maurizio Bonesini
  • Chris Tunnell
  • John Cobb
  • Andy Nichols

(Premeeting discussions without secretary)

CAD drawings, pictures of the experiment, and sizes of things.

Previous minutes and actions

Victoria agreed to take over emittance paper.

V.0 will be discussed in RF workshop before the IDS meeting.

Blondel and Nichols agree that there needs to be a single person in charge of the magnets and a single person in charge of the RF, rather than lots of people responsible for just the modules. No objection to updating WBS to reflect this. Kaplan says LBL is trying to find somebody to take over the CC.


Updated. See

Matters from TB

We review minutes from TB.

LiH working group. It's a weekly meeting. Need to do a Haz Op review, which is done by external body and takes 6 weeks. Kaplan: is more liquid expertise needed from FNAL?. The EMR and some magnets have slipped, but we'll see at next MICO.

Mike Courthold retires in April. Plan being made for replacement. Courthold gone by time SSs arrive, but he may be hired as a consultant.

Matters from MICO/VC

SS testing is delayed due to lack of ability of Daresbury people able to travel, so nearly a month delay. Caused by other delays, easter holiday, and competition between other projects for time.

Common fund

Without Ken, can't say much.

CC construction plan

9 months for first CC, starting 8 months from now. Second winding around when first cryostat assembled. Preferred if MUCOOL and MICE CC are built in same place. Labs are competing with one another for the job. Get time and cost estimates from various labs by next CM.