Meeting 11 Feb 2012

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-- minutes and Actions (Chris TunnelL)
-- matters arising from TB (minutes included)
-- other matters arising from the collaboration meeting
-- schedule slide in particular
-- other issues
-- matters arising from CB
-- WBS vs. 'coordinators from main MICE subsystems'
--- NB this is in the framework of the collaboration board
--- I include present version of WBS as found on web
from 2009 and completely obsolete!
-- personnel issues during
commissionning and
-- Coupling Coils construction plan
-- Next events
-- MPB and FAC : preparation of report for MPB,
open presentations for FAC
-- VCs and collaboration meeting
-- MICE papers (Maurizio)
very brief as this was discussed in the plenary
-- speakers board (Vittorio)
very brief as this was discussed in the plenary
-- AOB


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  • Yagmur Torun
  • Alain Blondel
  • Mark Palmer
  • Vittorio Palladino
  • Maurizio Bonesini
  • John Cobb
  • Dan Kaplan
  • Chris Tunnell
  • Andy Nichols

with apologies from:

  • David Colling

Previous Minutes

Re: hall probes: what other places should they be placed since spares? Action on magnet group for proposal, assign Blondel with Victoria knowing it means her.

Having shipments well in advance helps avoid ensuring unexpected expenses.

How much schedule conflict is there with May/June running, Hydrogen tests, AFC mapping, etc.? R9 for mapping after EMR run. 15th of May for EMR run. The run splits the year into two phases: magnet integration happens after run.

ACTION: MICO of the 21st of February, produce manget integration v.s. May run table of when work happens.

At CC review, Temkai will be there arriving on 1st.

Next time, don't use EVO for CM.

Discussion of papers


Latest version of beamline paper (after minor correction from Long) ready for redistribution. Two week FINAL deadline and maybe a group reading? Advertise the reading? Need editorial board before paper distributed, next few days.


Victoria analysis: do beams go well through MICE? John: paper was unusual method for emittance measurement, but now it's...

Originally: we can measure a beam and can tweak magnets, thus can get desired beam. Now: is this the final beam we want, no.

Who owns second paper? Victoria Blackmore will be responsible for completely the paper (arXiv etc.) and Mark Rayner may be able to help a small amount.

ACTION: Blondel to send mail to Victoria Blackmore re: this second paper


New action for cm33 agenda

Matters from TB

Discussed previously and "talked to death".

Matters from the CM

Schedule slide: step 4 says Q4 2012, change to Q1 2013.

Blondel passes around slide saying that there will be RF power at the end of 2013, so we can we do put a single cavity between AFCs? Requires redoing vacuum vessel (forces, etc.) If we don't do step V.0, then there is the ISIS long shutdown without RF data. There is concern that we'd split our resources too much, so maybe if we're running late? Question of motivating collaborators. Mixed strong opinions.

With regards to software, data structure taking form and is critical.

Matters from the CB


Looking at WBS. Coordinators for various work packages? For "MICE hall and infrastructure" ie. "MICE integration", how to get CB attendance from this responsible person? MICO is level 3.

ACTION: update WBS on Nichols.

Personnel issues during installation, commissioning, operation

How do we ensure that people maintain and ensure success of kit once delivered? These are normally disjoint sets of people.

CC construction plan

Discussed, will be discussed at CC review.

Next events

MPB - Nichols, Blondel, Bross will go. Kaplan and Blondel to make document.
FAC - discussed
VC and CMs - Coney to email secretary dates of VC, October CM at RAL (2 day mtg? working groups can meet beforehand then report?)

CM on 17th, 18th, 19th of October?



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VC dates from Coney:

1 March
29 March
3 May
31 May (tentative - may clash w/MAP review)
CM33 - 25-29 June
19 July
23 August
20 September
CM34 - tentatively 17-19 Oct - RAL
15 November
13 December