Meeting 20 Jan 2012

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-- minutes and actions (Tunnel)
-- Matters arising from TB
-- other matters from MICO and VC (runs in March and May)
-- upcoming events: schedule review, CC review MPB report, FAC
-- collaboration meeting agenda and items
-- upcoming conferences
-- common fund levy and status
-- MICE papers
-- aob


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From David Colling:

Dear Alain,

My Apologies for this afternoon, I have a variety of teaching related deadlines that I need to deal with this afternoon so at best I will be dipping in and out of the EB. I have a very full term on the teaching front! The two actions on me (from memory) were the migration of the websites which I think is evolving nicely (thanks to those doing it) and to draft a statement about our data access policy. Here I wrote something quickly over Christmas and but never circulated it. I will dust it down on Sunday and circulate it then.


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From Yagmur Torun:

I probably won't make it as I have class until 16:00 GMT.

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Concerning MOU:

Dear Alain

First of all (and a bit belatedly!) let me wish you Happy New Year

I thought I would give you an update on where we are with the MICE MoU.
We have made real progress, it has been agreed by the necessary people
within STFC and we are now getting to the stage where we can start to
get signatures. Nicky Bladen-Hovell is co-ordinating this, our intention
is to get the first set of signatures (STFC spokesperson and chair of
collaboration board) and then to circulate to the others in parallel. We
have started the process (we’re currently trying to catch Dave Wark for
his signature) and hope to get the document to you shortly. Would it
then be possible for you to get a signature from Yagmur Toran? This will
then enable us to start circulating it more widely so that hopefully the
majority of people will have signed by the time of the next FAC meeting!

I know that Nicky will be in touch with you with more about this soon

Kind regards


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  • Maurizio Bonesini
  • Alan Bross
  • Chris Tunnell
  • Ken Long
  • Vittorio Palladino
  • John Cobb
  • Dan Kaplan
  • Alain Blondel
  • Yagmur Torun (late, teaching)



Previous minutes discussion

Hall probes. Also useful to get one for the single station test, but not a crisis. Hall probes should be read out through C&M and shouldn't be tracker specific. Nikef group will deliver 28, 18 for magnetic measurements.

RF Review - Ken is making sure that there is a close connection between Berkeley and Daresbury groups. Will be a parallel session at CM to have these meetings.

Invoice to Muons Inc cancelled.

Matters from TB

Minutes were circulated.

Alan Bross: All LiH disks done, ready to ship. Trying to figure out shipping containers from Tennessee to FNAL to RAL.

LiH Status: Y12 is checking on the status of shipment of the disks. They are completed, packing materials received, and the authorisation paperwork begun for shipment.
Open: find out if the paperwork has been submitted to FERMI.
Not resolved: return of disks to Y12 and shipment from Y12 to the UK.

Wedges are still in Fabrication at Y12.

Ken Long is worried about being billed for shipments.

Note: make sure that space issues are discussed in CM.

Other matters from MICO and VC

Everybody seems to think May is a good time to run.

February/March run to check grid transfer and online DQ.

Ken Long is worried about hydrogen test priority against software. Everybody agrees that hydrogen is more important.

upcoming events

3rd of Feb - schedule review
CC review - Bross having trouble converging on date. Feb. 20 - March 2nd, need two days, somebody isn't available for each day, so not converged.
CC assembly - Alain and Andy went to CERN and talked about assembling in the toroid construction area. They aren't used to using cryocoolers. Doing things at CERN brings in new resources and these guys are experts.

FAC - 18th of March. Need to think. Note: they like open sessions beforehand. Action: Blondel distribute proposal for presentations at FAC

CM Agenda

Who convenes RF session? Avoid summary of sessions that are plenary.

Please send comments to Blondel.

Upcoming conferences

Getting organized for EPS
CHEP, but this is Colling
Moriond is too full for us

Common fund and levy

Yagmur Torun sent the request for census yesterday, people have replied. Ken Long wants this to converge by CM.

MICE papers

Previously discussed, but emittance paper requires prodding.