Meeting 31 Oct 2011

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Added by Tunnell, Christopher over 12 years ago

CM31 Executive Board Meeting


See action tracker (click here)

Beamline ownership

Discussion about who owns beamline analysis. Marco's code is proving to be trouble for new people to learn. Ideally based in UK or at least there during running. There are various new people joining the experiment who may be able to help, but they are mainly US-based.

Can we re-energize distant colleagues?


  • Roy Preece is now on TB.
  • Vacuum system - modified plan presented to TB
  • Write down the contamination for PMTs - only applicable short term
  • Tesla - delivery dates - critical path
  • No change requests

Conversation: Magnet group is figuring out what kit will or will not work when magnets turn on

Timing group: Need to form timing group. Potentially Coney supervises? Need RF expert involved, TOF, DAQ, Tracker, and target. Various suggestions of somebody who knows electronic timing: Kevin Ronald from Strathclyde? Geoff Pearce from RAL?

NEW ACTION: Alain to write to Coney asking about a 'timing group'. Coney to report to CM32.

Webmaster who?

Action: Find webmaster on Colling. Possiblity of IIT help. There are various scripts on the IIT server that are fragile. Could hire somebody but no money (should cost about < 2k USD).

Travel money for online group

Many possible solutions being pursued.

Can we liberate ~10k GBP from common fund to solve this? If we present it to the FAC, then it's a spend on what should be a US expense. Is the money there to make hard things go smoothly, or will there be issues where people think the money is being used unfairly for a US expense?